First Choice Designated Driver Service and Oye.One are pleased to announce a partnership to make available efficient, automated Designated Driver Service to the residents of Saskatchewan.

When a driver has had a couple of drinks and wants to do the right thing by not driving home, but doesn’t want to leave the car, Oye.One’s “Local Ride Network” app, available at the “App Store” for iPhone users and “Google Play” for Android users, can now be used to call the premier Designated Driver service – First Choice.  The app allows customers to see where the DD cars are and to select the closest or a favorite driver team.  Once the car is selected, the customer can watch the progress of the car to the pickup point.  When the car is close, the customer’s phone will announce the arrival so they can meet the car as it pulls up.

In Chemainus, BC, Balabanov, Oye.One’s president said “We have supplied software and apps to the taxi industry and ride-hailing service for many years; this will allow us to expand into servicing the Designated Driver industry as well.”

In Regina ,Saskatchewan, Fiacco, president of First Choice commented “This partnership further reduces the excuses for impaired drivers to get behind the wheel of their vehicle! Thank you Clayton, Susan and Local Ride for allowing us to further reduce ‘Impaired Driving’ in Regina, Saskatoon and surrounding communities! “.

About First Choice Designated Driver Service:

First Choice Designated Driver was started to give drivers an alternative to IMPAIRED DRIVING.

We send a team of two drivers; one will drive the client in the client’s vehicle to the destination, the second driver follows to pick up the lead driver. This is important, since a lot of people drive impaired because they don’t want to leave their vehicle behind – we solve that problem.

What we’re offering for people is an ability to call in advance or now in partnership with Local Ride Network, the opportunity to make that decision easily, and contact the driver directly a short while before they want to go home or to another destination.

We make sure that we offer a great solution to driving impaired!

About Oye.One:

Oye.One is a software company based in Chemainus, BC specializing in building software solutions for the Passenger Directed Vehicle industry worldwide.  For Taxis, Limousines, ‘Rideshare’, App Hailing, Transportation Network Companies, the Local Ride Network app with its back office web interface is the total solution.  Available free to the public through Apple’s App Store and Google Play, it gives the consumer a view of available cars, rates, estimated time and much more information giving the consumer the right information to make the correct choices.

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