Customer Reviews

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My husband Art and I have been using First Choice since Tony and Cindy offered the service to Regina. What I like best about these guys is of course we are not drinking and driving, they are always honest about how long of a wait we have, my car is in the garage when I wake up in the morning and we always know and trust our driver. Prices are very affordable and anyone we recommend to use First Choice has never been disappointed. Good job! Thanks for getting us home!!!

Leanne Dockray

Tony and the crew are the best. Fast, efficient and reasonably priced. They get everyone home safe and sound, with their vehicle!

Joan Bandet The Gaslight Saloon

Hello my name is Kevin Dureau and I am a completely satisfied customer of First Choice Designated Driver Service! I am fortunate enough to be a Partner in the Whiskey Saloon, and the PressBox Sports Bar and occasionally.. ok frequently use this great service. The statistics speak for itself in regards to drinking and driving, and my family has been impacted by a drunk driver killing my uncle in the past. Don’t ever think it can’t happen to you because it can and will! I am not perfect as I have made the wrong choice once or twice, however since this service has been in place there is no excuse. The service is in a timely fashion and they truly do care about your wellbeing. The best part is the next day your vehicle is at home and you don’t have to worry about calling for a ride to pick up your vehicle. Thank you guys! As you are always my First Choice!

Kevin Dureau Whiskey Saloon/Press Box Sports Bar

The Term customer service and reliability often get lost in this day and age, but not with First Choice Designated Drivers. Tony and Cindy really get it, and understand what it means to be there for their customers. On many occasions I have found myself in the city after having one too many drinks and not feeling comfortable driving home. Its comforting to know that First Choice Designated Drivers (and a safe ride home for both me and my vehicle) is always just a call away. With the cost being comparable to a taxi It’s a no brainer to give First Choice a call after a few drinks. They are there for me when I call at 2:00am or if I book two days in advance. Always there to greet me with a smile. First Choice Designated Drivers will always be my 1st Choice for a safe ride home.

Denny Joyal The Water Front, Regina Beach

Great service and very reliable. I use First Choice Designated Driver often and Tony and his staff are very friendly and more affordable than similar services in Regina. I recommend First Choice to anyone!!!

Steve MacIsaac

I find the service from First Choice to be extremely satisfactory. The drivers are professional, prompt, and very friendly. I have received excellent service from them whether I give 5 hours notice or 5 minutes notice. Tony, Cindy and the rest of the team will earn your trust on the first trip and you will be hooked after that!

Alexis Losie The Owl, Manager

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND calling “First Choice Designated Drivers” We have used their service many many times…. No risk. No tickets, No accidents, Courteous, Friendly & Safe Drivers to get us home safely with our vehicle every time!!!

Cherryl Clark & Ren Labbee

We can thank Cynthia and Tony for getting us home safe and sound each time we are out and about. They are easy to get ahold of, always available very prompt and genuinely care about their customers safety. We recommend their business to all our friends and family as they make us feel like part of theirs.

Jesse & Candis

We have used Tony and the crew from First Choice on many occasions. They have provided a safe ride home for our staff and their vehicles from our summer party which is held about 20 minutes outside of Regina. Their service is always prompt, pleasant and very reasonably priced. We have their number programmed into speed dial and encourage everyone we know to call them for a Safe ride home. We all know the hazards of drinking and driving and First Choice Designated Drivers provide the ultimate solution! It is the safe and responsible way to have both you and your vehicle home without incident. They are great people…we trust them to make sure we always arrive safely.

Dale & Patty Reinhardt Reinhardt Plumbing, Heating & A/C Ltd.