How it Works

Step 1

We send out a team of two drivers to our customer’s location.

Step 2

One person will drive the customer home in the customer’s car; the second person will follow behind tracking distance traveled and pick up the driver at the destination.

Step 3

We then charge our customer based on distance traveled.

The fare is not much more than a one way taxi ride. When compared to the cost of picking up your vehicle the next day or the cost of losing your license or even worse being involved in a motor vehicle accident, we are the BEST choice.

Corporate Accounts

Business owners have the opportunity to establish a corporate account that would enable them and their employees to take advantage of First Choice’s services.

Having a corporate account allows employees to use our service while the cost is covered by you, the employer. The business owner will then receive a monthly invoice accompanied by a statement of all trips booked by their employees.

Contact First Choice to obtain a Corporate Account Application form

Regina: 306-535-9394

Saskatoon: 306-380-9394

Fort McMurray: 780-667-9394